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The Roadhouse 002
Posted in Uncategorized on 26 February 2005

The Roadhouse 002 is up for direct download from the image above. The birthday edition (mine, not the podcast’s) features Chicago Kingsnakes, Chumslick Nick and the Sharks, Memphis P Tails, Kevin Mark, Loren Schulte, Rockin’ Jake, Big Steve & The Trainwreck, and King Robbie. Technical difficulties prevented an interview and featured artist for this week’s […]

Posted in Uncategorized on 22 February 2005

The Roadhouse is now a affiliate podcast. In fact, it’s shown today at the top of the most active affiliates list – just above the inimitable SlashdotReview podcast. GarageBand provides some nice services for affiliates, including a custom page summarizing the top artists in your chosen genres. I’ve got a post over at, […]

Podcast Setup
Posted in Uncategorized on 20 February 2005

Of course, in any audio application, the mic is everything. In this case, I picked an MXL 990 cardioid condensor mic with shockmount. It’s pictured here with my homemade pop filter – a looped wire hanger covered with one of my wife’s black nylon stockings. This is a great mic with a frequency range from 300Hz to 20 MHz. It’s especially stout given the price – $59.99 from

A Hot Start
Posted in Uncategorized on 20 February 2005

As promised, the first feature artist is Joe White, who’s currently sitting pretty at #1 on the blues charts of We talk for a little over 20 minutes and play two great cuts: “I Won’t Go Back” and his previously unreleased version of “Folsum Prison Blues.”

First Featured Artist
Posted in Uncategorized on 15 February 2005

I’m happy to announce that the first featured artist on The Roadhouse podcast will be Joe White from Nashville, TN. We’re working out the finer details of an interview throughout the day today. But, even if we have to resort to “old” technology (eg: the telephone – remember those?), Joe will join me for the Saturday premiere of The Roadhouse.

First Edition
Posted in Uncategorized on 15 February 2005

The Roadhouse will go live on Saturday, February 19. It’s a weekly one-hour blues podcast, featuring unknown /unsigned artists. All the necessary equipment arrives today. I’ve already put together a playlist that highlights both traditional acoustic and amplified, guitar-driven cuts. Believe me – it’s more than enough to keep you chair dancing.