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The Roadhouse 011
Posted in Uncategorized on 30 April 2005

An overcast Saturday provides the perfect excuse to kick up your feet, crack open a brew and take in Homegrown Blues, Joe White, Tony Kamona, John Winter, Snake Drive and other fun blues artists. Listener comments, contact infomation, podcasting news, and blues news round out the 11th edition of The Roadhouse – the finest blues you’ve never heard.

Pod Radio
Posted in Uncategorized on 29 April 2005

I’ve already submitted The Roadhouse to KYOU Radio. The submission agreement on the site is pretty lengthy, giving Infinity the ability to edit and reorganize your content in any way they feel is appropriate to their use. It does, however, grant them a non-exclusive license on the content, so content creators can push this content to any number of other outlets even if and when it’s used by KYOU. That’s pretty cool.

New Clients
Posted in Uncategorized on 27 April 2005

There are also several updates to my podcatching client of choice, the command-line tool Armangil’s podcatcher. Version 0.2.1 has been out for a bit more than a month and works better than ever. This is the client I use from cron – running a script with all the appropriate options every 6 hours.

The Bearded One
Posted in Uncategorized on 26 April 2005

There’s another great blues podcast on the block: Beardo’s Bandana Blues, with Beardo and Spinner. They’re featuring blues standards and commercial artists each week, posting on Saturday nights. Let me tell you – it’s a good one.

Dave’s A Blogger
Posted in Uncategorized on 26 April 2005

Dave Raven has moved his operations to libsyn. This is good news for several reasons. First, the download speed is, again, very good. Several times over the past weeks, his Raven ‘n’ Blues podcast has just downloaded too slowly to tolerate. Libsyn changed that. Also, his feed on libsyn includes all his podcasts, including a […]

The Roadhouse 010
Posted in Uncategorized on 23 April 2005

The Roadhouse 010 is available for download from the above image link. The tenth edition of The Roadhouse rolls onto your player with Woodshed, Rebel Storm, Pig Iron Joe, Slophouse, George Nathaniel Lawton, and more. Also, listener comments, blues news and all the contact information you need to keep the dialog going. Looking back, looking […]

Hold On To The Wheel
Posted in Uncategorized on 21 April 2005

Thanks, Doc. It’s certainly my pleasure to make your driving experience fun. Great bang-the-steering-wheel roadhouse blues numbers, one after another. I never thought I’d get back into music listening in the car, but Tony did it for me. A high-four (wheels) to the dude. One recommendation, though – don’t pound the wheel too hard. We […]

The Roadhouse 009
Posted in Uncategorized on 16 April 2005

The Roadhouse 009 is available for download from the above image link. This week: The Guzzlers, The Underdogs Roots & BLues, Hitman Blues Band, The Funky Blues Messiahs, The Lucky Stiffs, and five other great independent blues artists. Also, listener comments, contact information, blues news, and a listen to three fascinating and addictive podcasts. All […]

Chair Dancing
Posted in Uncategorized on 10 April 2005

I almost hesitate to post this picture. There is something, after all, to be said for a bit of mystery. The faceless voice and all that. You can imagine whatever you choose to imagine about the layout of The Roadhouse studios and, in fact, just what its sole occupant looks like. I don’t want the […]

Props on the Thames
Posted in Uncategorized on 10 April 2005

I’ve listened to Dave Raven‘s "Raven ‘n’ Blues" since BFBS2 first made the podcast available. Sometimes it’s been difficult to download the show due to high bandwidth demands, and I’ve missed those shows that I haven’t had the patience to download. Dave has a long history with the blues and spins some of the best […]

The Roadhouse 008
Posted in Uncategorized on 9 April 2005

Listener comments, contact information, podcast news, blues news, and an exciting contest giveaway. Those lead The Roadhouse 008, with music by Blue Shot, Smokehouse Blues, Enos Hornet, T-Bone and the Nightcrawlers, The Strange Tones and many more. Truly, the finest blues you’ve never heard.

Interview with Trevor Cook
Posted in Uncategorized on 7 April 2005

Trevor Cook at Bluescastnews was kind enough to interview me by email about The Roadhouse and other music-related stuff. It’s a fairly long interview but, to his credit, Trevor posted it in its entirety. If you head over and read it, comment freely either there or here. It’s full of the stuff of discussion.

Need A Transmitter?
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 April 2005

If you’re a regular Roadhouse listener, I’ll reveal my contest word in the April 9 ‘cast. In the meantime, you can greatly increase your chances of winning by listening to the other participating podcasts. They’re all worth a listen, even without the contest.

The Roadhouse 007
Posted in Uncategorized on 2 April 2005

The Roadhouse 007 is available for download from the above image link. On a beautiful spring day at The Roadhouse, ten more independent blues bands from This week they include Kevin Mark, The Whiskey Imperials, Billy Marquis, Snake Drive, The Mean Blue Spirit, and more. Listener comments, podcasting news and the full scope of […]