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Dave’s A Blogger

26 April 2005 1,849 views No Comment

Dave Raven has moved his operations to libsyn. This is good news for several reasons.

First, the download speed is, again, very good. Several times over the past weeks, his Raven ‘n’ Blues podcast has just downloaded too slowly to tolerate. Libsyn changed that.

Also, his feed on libsyn includes all his podcasts, including a media show, the Green Rooms and the Mid-Weeks for the Raven ‘n’ Blues show. Very nice, very convenient.

Finally, it’s made Dave a blogger. Now we just need to convince him to share some of those great blues artist stories on the blog. And, he’s got a great picture of his studio layout posted there, to boot.

So, visit the new site for everything Raven.

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