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A Great New Resource
Posted in Uncategorized on 31 August 2005

The Association of Music Podcasting (AMP) reached another milestone today. Tim at radio.speljamr put it quite nicely, and I quote from his site: The Association of Music Podcasting is pleased to announce the grand re-opening of the AMP Music Library. The AMP Music Library is a collection of podsafe music that members of AMP use […]

The Roadhouse 028
Posted in Uncategorized on 27 August 2005

The Roadhouse 028 is available for download from the above image link. In a return to The Roadhouse Studios, Roadhouse 028 is an eclectic mix of acoustic, electic, jump, old-time, and borderline roots rock tunes. Ryan Reardon and the Levee Breakers, Michael Heyman and The Powerhouse, Paul Rishell and Annie Raines, Johnny Nicholas and the […]

Give Me A Face
Posted in Uncategorized on 26 August 2005

I’ve struggled for several months, now, with a good logo for The Roadhouse. I’ve actually gone through four or five, but haven’t been too happy with any of them (short of the sax logo from Bruce at PodcastBunker). What I’d really like is to have a logo that I can stick with for the long-term. […]

Return of the Podjock
Posted in Uncategorized on 24 August 2005

After nine days away from home, we’re back in the Little Blue House on the Wetlands. There’s nothing that will clear your head quite like a few days in the fresh air and sunshine of northern Colorado. In my absence, the process of acquiring new music for The Roadhouse rolled on. I got several new […]

The Roadhouse 027
Posted in Uncategorized on 21 August 2005

The Roadhouse 027 is available for download from the above image link. The second phantom podcast – vacation, week 2. That won’t stop the music, though, with Roomful of Blues, BlueShot, Tinsley Ellis, Mike Dugan,and Harrison Kennedy. While the vacation rolls on, you get the finest blues you’ve never heard.

Adding to the Label Roster
Posted in Uncategorized on 16 August 2005

I pulled a nice email from my cell phone yesterday, in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was from Richard Rosenblatt, Founder and President of Tone-Cool Records. In that email, he was kind enough to grant permissions to play his artists in The Roadhouse. Thanks, Richard.

The Roadhouse 026
Posted in Uncategorized on 13 August 2005

The Roadhouse 026 is available for download from the above image link. It’s the podcast in absentia. I may be away for a two-week vacation, but the blues and The Roadhouse roll on. Louisiana Bob Kirkpatrick, The Whiskey Imperials, Stingray, Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials, and Marcia Ball play while I’m away. Whether I’m […]

Get AMP’ed
Posted in Uncategorized on 7 August 2005

The Association of Music Podcasting is leaving an ever-bigger footprint on our mutual favorite new medium. With the release of the first “AMP’ed” podcast, AMP has taken a spot in the Top 10 in iTunes. “AMP’ed” is a weekly summary of some the great independent music being played in AMP podcasts. If you’re interested in […]

The Roadhouse 025
Posted in Uncategorized on 6 August 2005

New! Bittorrent Download The Roadhouse 025 is available for download from the above image link. This week, it’s an official party to celebrate the 25th show of The Roadhouse. I’ve selected some of my favorite music from the first 25 shows, and we’ve got guests galore. Bring your noisemakers and party hats, because we’re kicking […]

Let’s Party
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 August 2005

The 25th Roadhouse is sitting patiently on the server, awaiting only it’s addition to the feed. I’ll do that on Saturday, as regularly scheduled. This show started as nearly 50 discrete little pieces that all had to be sequenced and stitched together in some logical order. I’ve spent most of my evenings this week doing […]

Choke Be Gone
Posted in Uncategorized on 1 August 2005

I’ve finally managed to migrate all the shows (including this week’s show) to Libsyn. After just a week on the service, I can heartily state that these guys are doing it right. The bandwidth is great. The reporting is outstanding. And, they seem to be very good to work with. All in all, it’s just […]

Did I Say That?
Posted in Uncategorized on 1 August 2005

After posting show 23 last week, I realized I’d made one of those silly mistakes that will happen from time to time. After the great cut Handle With Care from the Alligator CD Nine Lives by Little Charlie and the Nightcats, I went into a somewhat long explanation of the different types of harmonica you […]