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The Roadhouse 037
Posted in Uncategorized on 29 October 2005

There’s a certain bounce to this week’s Roadhouse Podcast. It finds a groove and stays there right on through to the end. With artists like Mike Dugan, The Siegel-Schwall Band, Danny Eyer, J. B. Hutto, and Johnny Hoy and The Bluefish, it’s impossible to refrain from chair-dancing, snapping your fingers, and generally annoying your co-workers. […]

The Roadhouse 036
Posted in Uncategorized on 22 October 2005

Like the variety of colors in the trees outside The Roadhouse, Roadhouse 036 provides all the hues of the blues. The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Jeff Fetterman Band, Teresa James, Archie Edwards, and Marcia Ball provide the reds and golds, with nine other great blues artists filling in the rest of the foliage. The Roadhouse 036 […]

The Roadhouse 035
Posted in Uncategorized on 15 October 2005

As close to a theme show as we ever come in The Roadhouse, this edition features great guitar cuts from heavy overdrive to sweet slide. It’s a reminder of the amazing emotion to be coaxed from a slab of wood and six strands of wire. Guitar Shorty, Kelly Richey, Janiva Magness, Rita Chiarelli, and Edwin […]

New Gear
Posted in Uncategorized on 14 October 2005

I’ve redesigned the CafePress Roadhouse shop. All the gear and goodies now feature the new logo. The pricing has been reduced on some items, as well. So, be the cool kid on your block – get your Roadhouse gear. Later – During some slow lunch time, I found Zazzle and added The Roadhouse logos there, […]

Yahoo! Podcasts
Posted in Uncategorized on 11 October 2005

The Roadhouse steps in at #37 in the 100 most highly rated podcasts on the new Yahoo! Podcast service. Thanks.

Funnelled To One
Posted in Uncategorized on 10 October 2005

Audiographics describes podcasting pretty nicely. Podcasting As TV responded to the internet by placing more of its programming in boxes with scrolls and multi-imaged screens, so radio will soon respond to the internet by creating shorter, non-standard length programs. Turning away from radio’s “bigger than life” approach to programming is another change we’ll see. Podcasts […]

The Roadhouse 034
Posted in Uncategorized on 8 October 2005

This is the show the doctor ordered, providing your minimum weekly requirement of golden guitars, hip horns and happenin’ harp. Byther Smith, The Mitchell Blues Band, Tab Benoit, Glamour Puss, and Johnny Nicholas step out from the pack this week. But, don’t fool yourself – any of the other seven artists are fully capable of […]

Blue Republic: Podcast Reviews
Posted in Uncategorized on 7 October 2005

Eric at Blue Republic was very generous and very kind in a review this week of The Roadhouse. Among his comments: Blue Republic: Podcast Reviews The Roadhouse works on the tag line of “The Finest Blues You Never Heard” and 99.9999999% of the artists are indeed obscure and blues staples are rarely heard. Increasingly however, […]

New Look
Posted in Uncategorized on 2 October 2005

In the spirit of “simpler is [usually] better,” The Roadhouse has taken on a new look. In the past few weeks, I realized how cluttered the old design had begun to look. I found the great Conestoga Street WordPress theme by Theron Parlin this morning, and knew it was exactly the look I wanted. Add […]

The Roadhouse 033
Posted in Uncategorized on 1 October 2005

We’re taking our radio back from the suits this week with Robin Sylar, Chainsaw Curtis & The Creepers, Brian Blain, Otis Taylor, Jim Suhler and much more. I’ve also got a nice story about The Roadhouse and Rita plus lots of information about the world of blues podcasting. The 33rd edition of The Roadhouse is […]