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Feed Changes

14 November 2005 25,126 views 14 Comments

It’s time to do a little housecleaning with The Roadhouse – specifically a feed consolidation.

When iTunes blasted into the podcasting world, The Roadhouse was in the directory from day one. While I was very grateful to see that, it wasn’t all good news. The feed provided to iTunes users was, in fact, the base feed for my Feedburner feed. Within a few weeks, the Feedburner feed was added to the iTunes directory and I saw an huge leap in those numbers. However, as many folks had subscribed via iTunes to the base feed rather than the trackable Feedburner feed, I had no real idea of the number of subscribers to the show.

Also within weeks of the introduction of podcasts in iTunes, I moved all my hosting to Libsyn. This was part of a general move by Association of Music Podcasting podcasts to Libsyn. It was also necessitated by the huge bandwidth bills of previous months, as The Roadhouse continued to gain listeners. One of the attractions of Libysn was the great reporting tools. They opened up a whole new view of The Roadhouse that had been invisible previously. I was nothing short of astounded by the numbers of people listening to the show (~3,000 for any given edition). However, Libsyn’s numbers aren’t publicly available, as are Feedburner’s. So, while I can honestly say that The Roadhouse has 3,000 subscribers, I can’t back those numbers up in any tangible way. (The folks at Libsyn, by the way, are considering making individual podcast subscriber number available via RSS, but haven’t yet found the time to build out that tool.) In short, the differential between Libsyn and Feedburner (1,200 subscribers) is now becoming a serious handicap.

So, here’s the crux of the biscuit. If you’re now subscribed to the show via the steidler.net/roadhouse.xml feed, please take a minute or two to resubscribe at the http://feeds.feedburner.com/roadhouse address. This is, quite simply, the most important thing you can do right now for the show – far more important than tips or merchandise purchases. As I continue to secure permissions from additional labels and to look for non-intrusive targeted advertising opportunitites, the Feedburner numbers are the ones that those other parties will be looking to for substantiation of my subscriber claims. I know how strong this audience is. I just need to be able to prove it elsewhere.

Feel free, as always, to contact me if you have any problems in making the change. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. And, thanks in advance for your support.


  • al saiz said:

    Done…switched over…Anything for the best podcast around…bring on the ads…I’m sure they will reflect the same great taste that the programming does…

    barrington, rhode island

  • Michael Manning said:

    If bringing tasteful ads to the Roadhouse means that you can continue to produce your excellent show, then that is fine with me. I really enjoy the show and I always eagerly await the next episode.

  • Bob Jakuc said:


    Did the unsub – resub thing, no problem. Glad to do it. I’m an IT geek and a musician. Stumbled into the Roadhouse one day by shear accident; directed your way by a rather subtle reference in his blog by none other than Doc Searls… man, one of the best links I ever followed. Keep it up. Turned a bunch of fellow geeks at my job on to your gig too. By the way, been listening since somewhere around episode 25 or 26 and some day, I plan to sit down and listen to all the shows over again and make a list of my favorite tracks.. sort of like celebrity playlists on iTMS but in this case an IT looney freak geek playlist… will tell ya though one of my favorites so far, from the very first show I listened to, Lil√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ Ed and the Blues Imperials √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú √¢‚Ǩ≈ìLil√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ Ed√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Home Cookin√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢√¢‚Ǩ¬ù man that track rocks… later man.

    Bob Jakuc, Sea Girt, NJ

  • Joe Munteanu said:

    unsubscribed und subscribed as wanted. I am so thankfull for your excellent podcast. I listen to and enjoy your podcast regularly and hope you will have the motivation and the energy to put together such wonderful shows. If you have room for more pins on your listners world map, than you can put a new one in southern Germany.
    Joe Munteanu, Eggenfelden, Germany

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Al (and Michael):

    Thanks so much. The ad part of it is secondary, really, but I do want to be very careful about the content and context.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:


    IT geek here, too (Linux-type geek and co-author of a couple Linux books). And, sometime musician, as well. The latter has faded a bit, but I started playing piano at 4 years old and picked up 5 other instruments over the years. I still play guitar, but only for myself.

    I got a boatload of subscribers from Doc’s mentions on his blog. I helped him get set up for his podcast, too, but we haven’t talked in awhile.

    And, if you started listening at show 25 – man, that was a fun show, but very atypical of the normal shows. That took about a week to put together, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:


    I’ve got your pin up there in the mental world map of listeners. Thanks for listening.

  • Marek Deba said:

    Hi Tony,
    Just heard your request — done. Stick a pin in South Brasil, Florianopolis, SC., where your kick ass show is listened since may and very often, everywhere I go with my iPod. Congratulations, keep up the excellent work and don’t let us down, with ads or without. Thank You!

    Have fun.


  • Mark Pearson said:

    When I saw ‘The Roadhouse Announcement’ I thought, ‘gollygoshdratanddammit Tony’s packing oop the best blues ‘cast on the planet’. Fortunately my fears were unfounded. Keep it up squire, the show’s brill!

  • Kev Hoggarth said:

    Done, done & done.

    Re-subscribed and while you are at it, can you stick a pin over here in North West England.

    Love the show, Thanks

    Kev Hoggarth, Thornton, UK

  • Jim said:


    I am a rowdy regular of the Roadhouse (luckily, I haven’t been tossed out yet). Many thanks. Assuming your objective, having already covered your basic expenses, is to recoup something for your time, I have a number of thoughts on advertising.

    First, is that you are advertising already by playing a song and mentioning the artist and label. So, you could say artist and label are being paid (but not you). Perhaps not as much as they’d like, of course (they’d prefer a royalty), but perhaps they should share with you.

    Second, have you considered a subscription versus advertising? Say, doing this full time you’d pay yourself $100,000 annually; at roughly 8 hrs./week, that’s 20% of what you might expect to put in at a full time job, so annually this would be $20,000. Divided by 3000 listeners this amounts to $6.66/yr. per listener. Now we can’t possibly expect all 3000 listeners to subscribe (no DRM, honors system), so let’s say a third do. Hey, I’d be willing to subscribe for $20.

    By the way, is there a way to make a donation? (I don’t use Paypal.)


  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Thanks, Jim. I know that the “pay for a subscription” model is out there, but I just can’t bring myself to it. I’d much rather the show is subsidized by an advertiser or two than the listeners.

    If you’d like to send a tip by mail, send me an email. I’ll send along my home address.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:


    I’m accumlating quite a collection of pins in Britain. I’ve obviously always known about the British love of the blues, but it’s great to see firsthand that The Roadhouse has a nice audience there. It’s a country I’ll get to one of these days – with Scots/Irish and Welsh ancestry, it’d be a visit to the old homeland.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Thanks, Marek. I didn’t mean to panic anyone … I’m glad you made the change.

    I’m surprised no one here has pointed out my poor, poor math skills. The difference between 3,000 and 900 is clearly 2,100 subscribers, not the 1,100 I mentioned in the announcement. Give me the blues, baseball and Linux — not math (even simple math)!