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The Roadhouse 046
Posted in Uncategorized on 31 December 2005

It’s standing room only in the final Roadhouse Podcast of 2005. 3,000 subscribers have packed the place to the rafters for a year-end celebration of some great cuts from The Roadhouse this year. Call this show one big Roadhouse Rewound. It’s not a “best of” or a favorites show. Instead, it’s built purely for effect […]

The Roadhouse 045
Posted in Uncategorized on 24 December 2005

It’s a code blue in the 45th Roadhouse Podcast, full of heart-stoppingly good blues music. Teresa James, Johnny Nicholas, Steve Cohen and Jim Liban, Chicago Kingsnakes, and George Fletcher and Bourbon Renewal lead the way, with seven other great artists bringing up the rear. Add in a couple of interesting comments from listeners and a […]

The Roadhouse 044
Posted in Uncategorized on 17 December 2005

The 44th edition of The Roadhouse Podcast shovels a wide swath through the landscape, a picture-perfect Christmas postcard of the best the blues has to offer. Rita Chiarelli, Junior Wells, Guitar Shorty, The Curbfinders, and Ross Neilsen are the bulbs on The Roadhouse Christmas tree. And the power source to light those bulbs? It’s definitely […]

Posted in Uncategorized on 12 December 2005

What happens when you combine a geek bass player, a food channel host and a podcast ID? Check out the latest Rock and Roll Geek for the funny details.

The Roadhouse 043
Posted in Uncategorized on 10 December 2005

Come on in, brush off the snow, take of your coat and hat and gloves, and sit right down in the 43rd edition of The Roadhouse Podcast. It’s been a cold, cold week at The Little Blue House on the Wetlands. But, there’s no shortage of heat in our little virtual Roadhouse. Whether you’ve been […]

The Roadhouse 042
Posted in Uncategorized on 3 December 2005

The Christmas lights are up and the tree’s ready to trim in this edition of The Roadhouse. The gift-giving season starts with Harpdog Brown, Tommy Z, Don’t Harass Betty, Pat Coast and Out Of the Blue, and C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band. Other trimming include seven other great blues cuts, another Roadhouse […]

Digging The Roots
Posted in Uncategorized on 2 December 2005

Thanks to Richard at Roots Rock Radio for mention of an email I sent him in Show 38. He also notes, “When you want to hear the best blues podcast on the web, tune in to The Roadhouse Podcast.” I prune my podcast subscriptions regularly. RRRadio has survived every one of those trimmings and remains […]