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The Announcement

23 January 2006 17,412 views 16 Comments

So, I’ve been teasing you with promises of an announcement of big things in The Roadhouse for the past few weeks. Since it’s finally been promoed in Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code, I can make that announcement. The Roadhouse has joined the Podshow network.

Contrary to what you may hear elsewhere, this doesn’t mean that Podshow now owns all my content or has any say in the creation of the show. Quite the contrary. I’ve retained full creative control and full ownership of the podcast. Very little about the show will change and none at the behest of Podshow. You may now hear some advertising, but even that is at the discretion of the podcaster. And, the address for the show files will change, as everything will be migrated to Podshow’s Podcast Delivery Network as soon as the final beta testing is completed.

This does mean some very good changes for The Roadhouse. A little income – not all of which will be based in advertising. The infrastructure support to add at least two more podcasts, not all of which will be music. In truth, the single biggest source of income for the show so far has been the tip jar. With regular income from the show, I can now put those funds to good use. We’re going to help some people out, and I’m going to ask you to participate. I’ll give you all the details in the 50th show on Saturday, January 28.

And, of course, the exposure will be huge. That means more people listening to the music of these great blues artists. It’s a good move all the way around. Don’t let the anti-Podshow naysayers tell you differently. Podshow has been very fair through this process (that actually started around the holidays), and I’m very glad to be a part of it all.


  • Greg said:

    Congratulations, Tony! This is great, exciting news for the Roadhouse — I’m really happy to see such a high-quality, specialty podcast getting what is going to be some amazing exposure.

    Keep up the good work!

  • donna said:

    *sigh* sensed it coming when heard the increasing promotion of Podshow organization on The Roadhouse…
    bye-bye innocence and freshness, hello same-ol’-commercial-shit-just-new-rhetoric.
    oh well, may the force be with you

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Sorry to hear that, Donna. The Podshow deal leaves complete ownership and creative control in my hands. I wouldn’t have signed a deal that did anything less. As for commercials – I have complete discretion as to which commercials will run, how often, where in the podcast, etc. That would have eventually happened with or without Podshow.

    I know that in some circles, there is a strong bias against Podshow. I was skeptical originally, myself. But the deal is fair, both to me and the listeners. I do hope you understand how carefully I’ve approached the show to this point, and will trust that I’ll continue on with no less caution.

    In the meantime, I hope you’ll also recognize the good we can do, no longer relying on the tip jar for the show’s income. See the sidebar. All proceeds from the tip jar are now going to help provide emergency assistance to blues artists in need.

  • Phil Thompson said:

    >All proceeds from the tip jar are now going to help provide emergency assistance to blues artists in need.

    Aren’t they all in need? If they weren’t their music would be “pop” not “the blues” :-)

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Heh. I had that same thought as I was posting the comment. I figured someone would get around to that!

    Truth is, they can’t all be BB King.

  • Martin said:

    Congratulations, Tony!

  • Jim said:

    Sad to see you sign your show away, you are now locked into his machine and no longer have full control of your show for at least a year and for sponsors two years from what I hear, but he owns everything else. If you can hit the download marks to make some money maybe you will make a 100 bucks or so a month is it worth signing your soul over to him.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Jim, I really don’t know where this stuff comes from. I have a contract in my hand (literally) that says I retain complete control of the show – ownership, creative and discretion on advertising. There’s no rider to bar advertising beyond the term of the contract. There’s nothing – *nothing* – in the contract as you’ve described.

    It’s interesting that folks would believe me to be so naieve as to sell my soul. It hasn’t happened here, and it ain’t gonna happen.

  • LLMLB said:

    Tony, I believe everything is gonna be great. Only one person in the blues sold his soul, and that was Robert Johnson, not Tony Stiedler-Dennison, and it brought him greatness. . .so who knows.

    Just keep the good music coming. the show is fantastic and I expect it will stay that way.


  • Murphy said:

    Congratulations on joining the Podshow posse, Tony.

    I’m sorry to see nay-sayers (hello, Donna and Jim) are giving you a hard time. I think it’s the same impulse that the first wave of any group’s fans have: to claim that their personal favorites, their “personal discoveries,” have “sold out” because they’ve reached a tangible level of success.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that sort of mewling from early fans of groups I saw during their “small club days” that went on to tremendous success (The Cars and Cheap Trick come to mind immediately).

    People play music and podcast, first and foremost, because they love what they’re doing. If their efforts lead to financial rewards, I think it’s small-minded and ridiculous to begrudge people their success.

    Soooooooo … keep up the great work – and stop by for a drink sometime.

  • Big Mike said:

    Hey Tony! Welcome to Podshow!

  • Tryg said:

    First I want to say Congratulations and good luck. I did see the writing on the wall, and will trust in you to “keep the faith” and continue to produce a great show that I look forward to each and every week. Fair winds and following seas.


  • Randy said:

    Fantastic news, Tony! I suspected as much, based on the hints and what I see happening at Podshow. IMHO, this just legitimizes your show as one of (if not the!) most professional podcast out there. I never hesitate to recommend your show as an introduction to podcasting, even if the listener isn’t a blues fan. You simply have the passion for the blues and your show, and it shines through clear as day.

    Ignore the naysayers, they simply don’t understand how big this is going to get. After listening to every one of your shows, I find the idea of you “selling out” laughable!

    Run the ads you need to run to keep the show alive. I’ve bought a lot of CD’s as a result of exposure on your show – and the artists that we love get the benefit! Make the ads relevant, and sales will result.


  • Mike said:

    Given the choice I would have “sold my soul to the devil” as I have heard it called. Great move in my book.

    As for the nay-sayers walk a mile in his shoes. Create 49 Superb shows then explaine why you can’t donate your tips.

    Can’t wait for 50 even if it has some ads. Keep up the good work and don’t let the jerks get you down…

  • Marcus Couch said:

    As one of the so-called Podshow “devils”, I would like to welcome Tony to the Podshow family. We will be including Tony and clips from The Roadhouse on Podshow music Rewind, which also airs on Sirius. This will help countless blues artists to get instant exposure to a nationwide audience. Like Tony’s, my show revolved around the artists and the music they perform for our entertainment and enjoyment. I think you’ll find that to be true among all of the Podshow Music podcasts. As a regular subscriber and huge fan myself, I am pleased to have a great show like The Roadhouse in the same group that I am lucky enough to be in.

    Marcus Couch
    The Scene Zine – Podshow Music Rewind

  • tom said:

    Love your show Tony, it has become my weekly ritual and after 30 years of listening to the blues, I find more new and exciting blues artists all the time on your show. I distincly do not like commercials in any podcast or broadcast and I would have gladly paid a yearly subscription if it avoided commercials. If you were selling played songs/albums on your site, I would often buy them there if it would help with costs of producing the show. As it stands now, none of the Alligator recordings, including your iMix links are available on the Canadian iTunes site (I can’t purchase from the US site becuase oif my credit card address), so I can’t purchase many of the tracks featured on your podcasts. (I have emailed Alligaor about this, but so far no response).
    I will have to get used to your somewhat “commercialized” Roadhouse now and if you ever offer paid, commericals free podcasts, I’ll be 1st in line.