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The Roadhouse 053

18 February 2006 10,699 views 10 Comments

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A frigid winter blast sets in on the Midwestern US, but the 53rd Roadhouse Podcast will help generate enough body heat to keep you warm. Omar and The Howlers, Rory Block, Erskine Oglesby, Ruthie Foster, and Mike Anderson easily outpace the overworked Roadhouse furnace. Six other artists keep the fire going alongside a hot Roadhouse Rewound segment, some very warm listener comments and the addition of yet another outstanding blues label to the cookin’ Roadhouse roster. It may be cold outside, but the 53rd Roadhouse Podcast turns out to be hotter than a French Quarter Jambalaya. It’s yet another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard.

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The Roadhouse Podcast 053 Show Notes

[00:21] Holland K. SmithThirty Days of Torture
From the TopCat CD Jungle Jane

[03:20] Intro

[05:28] Omar and the Howlers – “That’s Just My Life”
From the Ruf Records CD Boogie Man

[10:01] Guitar ShortyGet Busy
From the Alligator CD Watch Your Back

[13:37] Rory BlockFixin’ To Die
From the Ruf Records CD Blues Guitar Women

[16:02] Break 1

[17:54] Erskine OglesbyTwo Shots Of Jack
From the Black and Tan CD Blues Dancin’

[21:56] Tab BenoitTravelin’ South
From the Vanguard CD These Blues Are All Mine

[26:24] Shemekia CopelandUptown Line
From the Alligator CD The Soul Truth

[32:03] Break 2

Roadhouse Rewound

[34:22] Johnny Nicholas Woke Up Screamin’
From the TopCat CD Rockin’ My Blues To Sleep

[38:21] Susan Tedeschi – “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”
From the Tone-Cool CD “Just Won’t Burn”

[43:00] Break 3

[43:38] Listener Comments

[46:55] Beyond Science Promo

[47:30] Ruthie FosterWoke Up This Morning
From the Ruf Records CD Blues Guitar Women

[51:15] Mike Andersen BandMy Love For The Blues
From the Black and Tan CD My Love For The Blues

[56:34] Closing

Total Running Time: 59:38


  • LRU said:

    Uptown Line was great! Please play it again in a future episode.

  • Anton Olsen said:

    The libsyn link above seems to be broke.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    The direct download link?

  • Anton Olsen said:

    Looks like it is fixed now. The podtrac link redirected to libsyn who was giving a 404.

    The libsyn url looked correct too so maybe the problem was their end.

  • Joe White said:

    Ruthie Foster…Praise the LORD!! I could listen to this song “Woke up this morning” All day long and you know what? – I THINK I WILL!!
    Thanks Tony – It just get’s better and better!!

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    C’mon, Joe. Tell us what you really think!

    Any great new music I can include in the show … ?

  • Joe White said:

    I am working on a new blues record. With some great players – I haven’t sealed the deal yet so I can’t name names. As soon as I have something in the can – you will be the first to hear it

    Thanks for all the great music Tony – You can’t stop now brother!!

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Not a chance of stopping, Joe. I’m sure I enjoy putting it together even more than people enjoy listening! It’s the centerpiece of my week.

  • Chophouse said:

    Great show this week Tony. Absolutely loved My Love for the Blues by Mike Andersen. Went to the web site and checked out the other rtracks – it’s on my list of CDs to buy. Also gotta give you props for Uptown Line – graet song.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison said:

    Those were probaly my two favorite cuts, too, Chophouse. Although it’s hard to argue with Ruthie Foster or the Rory Block track.