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The Roadhouse 082

9 September 2006 21,537 views 12 Comments

nullIt’s a monumental edition of The Roadhouse – the official unveiling of The Roadhouse Premium. In celebration, we climb into the unofficial ’57 Cadillac convertible of the blues and make a coast-to-coast road trip. Leading the way: Oscar Jordan, Boo Boo Davis, Rita Chiarelli, Marcia Ball, and the JW-Jones Blues Band. The scope of styles is breathtaking, but it’s all part of the fabric of the blues. It certainly makes for another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard.

The Roadhouse Podcast 082 Show Notes

Roomful of Blues – “Boomerang
From the Alligator CDStanding Room Only


Bernard Allison – “Mean Town Blues”
From the Ruf Records CD “Storms Of Life”
[Amazon] [eMusic]

Oscar Jordan – “Sing Your Song”
From the CD “Oscar Jordan and the Mighty Sons of Hercules”
[CD Baby]

Earl King – “Time For The Sun To Rise
From the CD “New Orleans Street Talking”
[Amazon] [eMusic]

Break 1


Boo Boo Davis – “Made Me Cry”
From the Black and Tan CD “Drew, Mississippi”

Mean Gene Kelton – “Texas Honey”
From the Jambone Records CD “Most Requested”
[CD Baby]

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – “Love Speaks Louder Than Words
From the Tone-Cool CD “Painted On
[Amazon] [eMusic]

Break 2

Bob Brozman – “Rattlesnake Blues”
From the Ruf Records CD “Blues Reflex”

Rita Chiarelli – “I’m In Love Again”
From the Mad Iris CD “No One To Blame”

James Solberg – “Must Be A Reason
From the Ruf Records CD “L.A. Blues

Break 3

Robin Sylar – “Steel Trap
From the Top Cat Records CD “Bust Out

Marcia Ball – “Let The Tears Roll Down
From the Alligator CD “35×35”


JW-Jones Blues Band – “Jump Tonight
From the Northern Blues CD “Bogart’s Bounce

Total Running Time: 67:46
Premium Total Running Time: 59:45

The Roadhouse Premium only


  • Sebastian said:

    hi tony. first time commentor, regular listener. this is the best podcast on the f’ing internet! i love blues, i love your show. keep up the awesome work. i just created a fanclub group on facebook (college social network, kinda like myspace) for this podcast. keep it up. greetings from Arizona from a German fan of your podcast!

    all the best


  • Sebastian said:

    let me add that #82 is one of the best you’ve put together in months. I don’t know why Tony, but this one is totally f_ing awesome. I think I might join up for that premium thing were it not for the fact that the current thing suits my needs perfectly already. my hardware here won’t let me feel the difference in bitrate or anything I guess.

  • Curt Langston said:

    hi there. i’ve got those “can’t get The Roadhouse” blues. i just signed up for the annual premium podcast. had a go with both Juicer and the direct download link. in both cases all I get is a small file with “Usage: email@domain.tld.” any ideas? thanks.

  • John Foliot said:

    Hey Tony!

    OK, I ponied up… it is certainly worth 15 bucks a year for the finest blues I’ve never heard – even if I *have* heard some of it before. Your consistant quality week after week makes it my pleasure to support your efforts. Besides, I know you’ll just take the money and buy more blues music with it…

    Listening to the “Premium” feed as I write this (last time I wrote to you *while* listening I ended up with egg on my face), but I see you are playing a JW Jones track this week, and was hoping to make a request for another JWJ tune: “All My Money” from their great Kissing in 29 Days recording – love them swinging horns!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Tony Steidler-Dennison (author) said:


    I believe we got your problem fixed this morning. Please let me know at support@roadhousepodcast.com if the problem remains, or if you have any other issues.

    Thanks for the support.

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison (author) said:


    Count on “All My Money” in one of next week’s shows. I love the “Kissing in 29 Days” CD, and a lot of the other JW-Jones stuff.


  • Tony Steidler-Dennison (author) said:


    I’ll have something up in the sidebar this week to advertise the premium version – it probably won’t be as strongly worded as you’ve suggested, but it’ll be there :)

    Thanks for the Facebook deal, too.

    And, this was another fun one to put together. It was a little harder than usual, but there’s such a good blues/rock mix in most of the stuff that it seemed to have legs of its own.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Curt Langston said:

    yup, download problem was sorted yesterday. great stuff. thanks :-)

  • Vanamonde said:

    Love the show but since I listen to the podcast when commuting (lots of background noise) I couldn’t tell the difference when you upped the MP3 quality to 128K .

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison (author) said:


    That’s a shame. The difference between 96 and 128 was pretty nice. The difference between 128 and 160 is just startling. But, listening with headphones is the best way to notice the difference.

    Glad to know that The Roadhouse is making your commute more enjoyable, though.

  • Tanner Lovelace said:

    Hey Tony, I’m just listening to show 82 this morning and noticed that after getting most of the way through your announcement about the Roadhouse Premium you suddenly cough, pause, say “Take 2” and then start the announcement again. I guess you were so excited about the new stuff you forgot to go back and edit that part? No worries, though, the show is still great. :-)

  • Tony Steidler-Dennison (author) said:

    Someone else wrote me on Saturday night to let me know that I’d missed that edit. I got it and re-uploaded the show, but you must have been listening from a podcatching client that caught the original version. I think that’s a first … we’ll just call it some insight into the making of The Roadhouse! Or, my own quiet version of Jimmy Jett‘s Outtakes.

    Clearly, editing two versions of the show is going to take a little process flexing …