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The Roadhouse 111
Posted in Blues Links on 31 March 2007

Old, new, it’s all blue in the 111th Roadhouse Podcast. This hour is chock full of fine blues, including some overlooked classics and cuts that have yet to be released. It’s also got some big names, including Solomon Burke, Johnny Copeland, Johnny Shines, Curtis Salgado, and John Hammond. Whether it’s new music to The Roadhouse […]

The Roadhouse 110
Posted in Uncategorized on 24 March 2007

It’s been a huge week in The Roadhouse. With the addition of five more visionary blues labels to the permissions-base family of Roadhouse labels, the catalog of available music has increased by roughly 2,500 songs. That also means a boatload of music in this edition that I haven’t been able to play until now, including […]

Five In Two
Posted in Uncategorized on 21 March 2007

Make it five blues labels in two days to provide permissions to The Roadhouse. That’s some kind of record. Please join me in a big “Hey, y’all” to welcome Blacktop Records to the family of permissions-based Roadhouse labels. This has been, perhaps, the hardest pursuit of a label I’ve yet made. Blacktop has had a […]

Label Binge Week
Posted in Blues Links on 21 March 2007

Add yet another label to the Roadhouse stable. Hightone Records has this morning provided permissions to play their artists in The Roadhouse. Hightone has a very nice catalog of blues artists. I looked at them for the broad range they cover, but, in particular, the focus on the artists of the Mississippi Hill Country: Jessie […]

Live Reminder
Posted in Uncategorized on 21 March 2007

A quick reminder that The Roadhouse Live streams each and every Wednesday night at 10:00 pm CT on TPXRadio. Without the need for label permissions, the musical selection is often very different from that of the podcast version. I’ve been unable to participate in the chat during the show due to the way sounds are […]

Welcome to the Family
Posted in Blues Links on 20 March 2007

If you dig down a bit in the sidebar, you’ll find three new additions to The Roadhouse family of participating labels. A big roadhouse shout-out to Oh Boy!, Shanachie and Yazoo Records. Oh, Boy! has provided permissions to play their great young artist Slick Ballinger in The Roadhouse. He’s got a killer sound and is […]

The Roadhouse 109
Posted in Uncategorized on 17 March 2007

The 109th Roadhouse Podcast pays tribute to the visionaries – the labels who have made The Roadhouse possible by providing permissions, and the artists who make the music. Bernard Alliison, Carey Bell, Muddy Waters, Hound Dog Taylor, and George “Harmonica” Smith are among a full slate of both contemporary and classic blues artists. It’s visionaries […]

The Roadhouse 108
Posted in Blues Links on 10 March 2007

Once again, we brush up against what might actually be a theme show in the 108th Roadhouse Podcast. It’s a boogie blast, full of rolling piano, growling harps and all the uptempo jump blues you’ll need to get through the week. This week’s edition features Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo, Charlie Wood, John Long, Charlie […]

The Roadhouse High Quality Podcasts
Posted in Uncategorized on 10 March 2007

You can now subscribe to The Roadhouse Premium or The Roadhouse Deluxe: ad-free high-quality versions of the weekly Roadhouse Podcast. We’ll provide you with a custom feed or direct download link, you can sit back and enjoy the finest blues you’ve never heard – without the ads. At $14.99 per year for The Roadhouse Premium, […]

The Roadhouse 107
Posted in Uncategorized on 3 March 2007

The music of the 107th Roadhouse Podcast came as a series of small surprises throughout the week – cuts that popped up in the iPod and just stayed with me. They lead us down a bit mellower path than the past few shows, diverting us away for a week from the harder edge of recent […]