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The Roadhouse 119
Posted in Uncategorized on 26 May 2007

Don’t let anyone tell you that the blues is dead. The 119th Roadhouse Podcast provides ample proof that great labels continue to release great blues music. Whether they’re pushing the blues off into new directions or sticking close to the roots, these new releases provide ample evidence of a thriving genre we call our favorite. […]

The Roadhouse 118
Posted in Uncategorized on 19 May 2007

We return the freewheelin’ feel of The Roadhouse this week, with the Blues Music Awards shows behind us. Dave Hole, Hamilton Loomis, Anson Funderburgh, Roosevelt Sykes, and Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women are just some of the artists you’ll love in this edition. It may be a tough genre to pin down, but you’re […]

The Roadhouse 117
Posted in Uncategorized on 12 May 2007

This week, we’re focused on the winners of the 2007 Blues Music Awards, though not exclusively. We pull the major winners into The Roadhouse, include some additional new music received this week, and say goodbye to a Chicago blues legend. Any way to you look at it, it’s another fine hour from The Roadhouse Studios […]

The Spotlight: Candye Kane
Posted in Uncategorized on 9 May 2007

In the first edition of The Roadhouse Spotlight, who better to turn the spotlight on than an old friend of The Roadhouse, Candye Kane. With a new CD out in two weeks, it’s a good time to take a look at the life and career of this blues dynamo. It’s a new weekly feature in […]

The Roadhouse 116
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 May 2007

It’s a tailgate party for this week’s Blues Music Awards in the 116th Roadhouse Podcast. This hour features artists nominated for the prestigious awards, including Ronnie Baker Brooks, John Mooney, janiva Magness, Slick Ballinger, and Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers. It may not be the finest blues you’ve never heard, but it is the […]