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The Roadhouse 137
Posted in Shows on 29 September 2007

Digg The Roadhouse. The 137th Roadhouse is one of those editions that starts on high and never lets up. Great blues music is a tough taskmaster. And the toughest taskmasters leave no mercy. So, brace yourself, because the hour ahead is driven by the merciless pace of the music. Henry Butler, Big Jack Johnson, Roman […]

The Roadhouse 136
Posted in Shows on 22 September 2007

Digg The Roadhouse. With the final summer colds invading The Roadhouse Studios, it’s time to call on the music to cure all ills – blues, blues, blues. Mason Casey, Kim Wilson, R.L. Burnside, Marie Knight, and Solomon Burke provide such a great motivation for chair-dancing that you might just anything that’s ailing you. It’s blues […]

The Roadhouse 135
Posted in Shows on 15 September 2007

The Roadhouse takes on an international flavor in the 135th edition. Artists from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and The Netherlands take center stage, proving that the great road of the blues is worldwide. Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, Kate Meehan, Sam Myers and Anson Funderburgh, Mike Andersen Band, and Angela Strehli lead the pack in an […]

The Roadhouse 134
Posted in Shows on 8 September 2007

As we roll into September, baseball rolls into the final divisional races of the season. September in The Roadhouse always reminds me of the 7th inning stretch: a time when you hunker down for the final few innings of the game. September in Iowa is the time when you really become aware that hunkering down […]

The Roadhouse Podcast on
Posted in Uncategorized on 4 September 2007

As I mentioned in last week’s announcement and in Roadhouse 133, I’ve created a Roadhouse Podcast group on I’d encourage you to come join the community of Roadhouse listeners. As the numbers in the group increase, will calculate charts of our collective listening choices. It also gathers group recommendations, creates a Roadhouse Podcast […]