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A Weekend of Blues

29 June 2008 7,929 views One Comment

As noted earlier, and in Roadhouse 176, I’ll be attending the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival on July 3-5. The festival has been running for 24 years in Davenport, booking some great and legendary names in the blues world. The festival organizers were kind enough to accept my application for press credentials, and I’ll have full access to all the shows this year.

As the festival was moved to downtown Davenport, I plan on taking the laptop with me. I’m sure I’ll find wifi somewhere in the downtown area, and will be blogging the performances as time allows. I also plan on making the most of Twitter for immediacy during the shows. I’ll also be armed with both digital and old-school film SLR cameras. As I post throughout the day, I’ll also add new photos to my Flickr photostream. And, I’ll have full recaps and reviews of as many performances as I can right here the following day.

Of course, Roadhouse 177 will make it out on time, as well. That will be done throughout the week and posted prior to leaving for Davenport around 12:30 Saturday, July 5.

So, check in here frequently, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the Flickr photostream feed or add me to your Friendfeed. You’ll get the lowdown on all the great blues action of the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, and we’ll bring it squarely into the age of immediate digital reporting.

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  • Tim Talbott said:

    saw you at the festival; tried to get over to say hi and tell you how much i enjoy the podcast, but i couldn’t get through the crowd. tried to shout,but you couldn’t hear me.

    was good to see you there

    keep up the good work

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