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The Roadhouse 219
Posted in Headline, Shows on 25 April 2009

There’s a common groove in the 219th Roadhouse, but you have to immerse yourself in the music to find it. Roy Rogers, Buckwheat Zydeco, Joe Price, Johnny Littlejohn, and Root Doctor propel this hour past faster than you might realize. And they’re all building a groove that will sweep you up in another hour of […]

The Roadhouse 218
Posted in Headline on 18 April 2009

The 218th Roadhouse is packed full of new stuff – new music, new artists and a new radio affiliate. Albert Castiglia, U.P. Wilson, Shirley Johnson, Buckwheat Zydeco, and Tas Cru lay out the basic music framework. KJZA in Prescott, AZ joins the Roadhouse Radio family. All in all, the 218th Roadhouse is as new as […]

The Roadhouse 217
Posted in Headline, Shows on 11 April 2009

The 217th Roadhouse takes a turn down a narrow gravel road to … a roadhouse. The selections in this virtual roadhouse would fit perfectly in any real roadhouse anywhere in the world. Walter Trout, Cyril Neville, Keb Mo, Muddy Waters, and W.C. Clark headline the bill in the 217th Roadhouse with a full slate of […]

The Roadhouse 216
Posted in Headline on 4 April 2009

Rising temperatures, longer days and the upcoming baseball season opener mean it’s spring – and time for spring training. That little pile of songs that didn’t get used in other shows perfectly fits the flow of the 216th Roadhouse. Junior Wells, Bobby Jones, Rod Price, Michael Bloomfield, Tad Robinson, and listener comments make for a […]