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The Roadhouse 275
Posted in Headline, Shows on 29 May 2010

It’s unofficially our sixth summer in The Little Blue House on the Wetlands. As the days grow longer, blues is the perfect soundtrack for travel, baseball, family gatherings, and barbecue. Mississippi Heat, Anders Osborne, Robert Belfour, Seth Walker, and Gina Sicilia take on the spirit of sunshine and great weather, propelling us through a summer […]

The Roadhouse 274
Posted in Headline, Shows on 22 May 2010

The 274th Roadhouse keeps the new music roll rolling. With the number of new releases in 2010, you might think blues is a recession-proof commodity. Music from Chanisaw Dupont, John Nemeth, Oli Brown, Hollywood Blue Flames, and Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King is among the new releases featured in this edition. Whether or not […]

The Roadhouse 273
Posted in Headline, Shows on 15 May 2010

The 273rd Roadhouse features new music from Chicago and an underlying theme that’s not revealed until late in the show. Matt Schofield, Willie Buck, Susan Tedeschi, Billy Boy Arnold, Eric Bibb and seven or eight other great artists are just enough to fill another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard.

The Roadhouse 272
Posted in Headline, Shows on 8 May 2010

The 272nd Roadhouse puts a wrap on the 2010 Blues Music Awards with some big winners. I also fill the hour with great new blues, some from the past week, most from the past few months. Kilborn Alley Blues Band, Nick Moss, Oli Brown, Jonkeyjunk, and Peter Karp & Sue Foley help provide a well-rounded […]

The Roadhouse 271
Posted in Headline, Shows on 1 May 2010

There’s not much room on The Roadhouse stage, but the sound coming off it is huge, broken only by the occasional reminder to tip your waitresses. With the lineup of acts in the 271th Roadhouse, they deserve the tips, because they’re working hard. Cadillac Pete & The Heat, Reunion Blues Band, Moreland & Arbuckle, Koko […]