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Double the intro fun
Posted in Odds And Ends on 28 June 2010

Though you may not know it, The Roadhouse is available in four versions: regular, premium, deluxe, and radio. Each is a little bit different than the others. Because of those small differences, it’s actually easier to record the voiceovers separately than to do the show “live.” And, it offers me the opportuntunity to listen through […]

The Roadhouse 279
Posted in Headline, Shows on 26 June 2010

The 279th Roadhouse is a showcase edition for some fine young blues musicans. Heavy on guitar and bordering, at times, on rock, these artists reflect but a few of the new directions for blues in the next several years. Anni Piper, Joe Bonamassa, Jonny Lang, Cedric Burnside & Lightnin’ Malcom, and John Nemeth help fill […]

The Roadhouse 278
Posted in Headline, Shows on 19 June 2010

The 278 Roadhouse pulls out all the hues of the blues. Jump blues to acoustic, guitar and harp, old names and new faces, big blues labels and small. Daddy Mack Blues Band, Janiva Magness, Ghost Town Blues Band, Chris James & Patrick Rynn, and Eddie C. Campbell represent the full spectrum and stand right out […]

The Roadhouse 277
Posted in Headline, Shows on 12 June 2010

The 277th Roadhouse continues with the recent trend toward an hour nearly full of new music. The labels, big and small, are pushing lots of new releases and you get the benefit. Daddy Mack Blues Band, Mark Hummel, Jeff Turmes, Rory Block, and Watermelon Slim round out the hour. The 277th Roadhouse is another hour […]

The Roadhouse 276
Posted in Headline, Shows on 5 June 2010

This hour of The Roadhouse is full of surprises – tracks that you might think of as blues until we put them in context. Sugar Blue, Johnny Iguana, Sandy Mack, Toni Price, and Treasa Levasseur will broaden your blues horizons. They prove that blues is the foundation for more music than most realize. The 276th […]