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Double the intro fun

28 June 2010 7,463 views 3 Comments

Though you may not know it, The Roadhouse is available in four versions: regular, premium, deluxe, and radio. Each is a little bit different than the others. Because of those small differences, it’s actually easier to record the voiceovers separately than to do the show “live.” And, it offers me the opportuntunity to listen through each segment before adding the voiceovers to the music. It’s actually a pretty streamlined process that makes putting the show together each week as much an editing task as anything else.

Sometimes, though, it’s a two-edged sword. Inattentive editing this week pushed me right up against the business edge of that sword. As you’ve probably heard, the show actually had two intros. Or, more correctly, the same intro twice. I think that’s happened only once before and not quite as obviously as it did this week.

So, it’s an error that’s out there for the world to hear. I doubt that I’ll go back and correct it. I will try to stay more on-task in the future.


  • Ernest N. Wilcox Jr. said:

    If you make only two errors in two-hundred-seventy-nine shows, that is a 0.7% error rate. Even a D’Arsonval meter allows a +/-10% (of full scale) error rate in a multi-meter, and there is a soap that brags about being 99 44/100% pure. In my opinion, you do an excellent job producing The RoadHouse, and your error rate supports my opinion.


  • Tony (author) said:

    Thanks, Ernest. For the record, I have made other errors in the show. Just not many of this magnitude. But, I do appreciate the words of encouragement.

  • Martin English said:

    Compared to the professional broadcasting in my neck of the woods, you, Sir, are no professional…..

    you’re MUCH better !!

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