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The Roadhouse 400

27 October 2012 23,487 views No Comment

The 400th Roadhouse jumps with an hour of jump and boogie blues. Louis Prima, Kid Ramos, Louis Jordan, Lavay Smith & Her Red-Hot Skillet Lickers, and Bullmoose Jackson take center stage on our little bandstand in the corner. The hour is pretty evenly divided between the jump and boogie pioneers and the relative new kids. But it is an incredibly full and upbeat hour – more music than I’ve featured in any other show – and an hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard.

The Roadhouse Podcast 400 Show Notes

Mojo Blues Band
Leaking Roof Boogie
Styx Records
20 Years in the Blues Jungle
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Royal Crown Revue
The Walkin’ Blues
Mugzy’s Move
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Louis Prima
5 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days
Jump, Jive, an’ Wail: The Essential Louis Prima
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Lynwood Slim & The Igor Prado Band
Bloodshot Eyes
Delta Groove
Brazilian Kicks
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

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Kid Ramos
West Coast House Party

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
Let The Good Times Roll: The Anthology 1938-1953
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Imelda May
Big Bad Handsome Man
Love Tattoo
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Strollin’ With Bones
New Rounder
Texas Swing
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

T-Bone Walker
Two Bones and a Pick
Rhino HiFive: T-Bone Walker
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Lavay Smith & Her Red-Hot Skillet Lickers
Oo Poppa Do
Fat Note
One Hour Mama
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Wynonie Harris
I Want My Fanny Brown
Bringins Music
Shoutin’ The Blues: 1944-1950 Vol. 2
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Big Maybelle
Goin’ Home Baby
Blues, Candy & Big Maybelle
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

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Dave Gross *
Inspiration Blues
Crawling The Walls
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Bull Moose Jackson & His Bufalo Bearcats
Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me?
Ideal Music
Jumpin’ Jive
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
Hop, Skip and Jump
Big Bear Music
Better Beware!
Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones
I Want To Be With Her
My Life, My Friends, My Music
iTunes | eMusic

Nappy Brown
Piddly Patter Patter
Night Time Is The Right Time

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