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The Roadhouse 404
Posted in Headline, Shows on 23 November 2012

The variety of blues in this edition of The Roadhouse is like looking into a big valley of blues in all its hues and shades. Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts, Gary Clark, Jr, Guy Tortora, Heritage Blues Orchestra, and Samuel James help create the hour. It’s a big mix, and definitely a mix that makes […]

The Roadhouse 403
Posted in Headline, Shows on 17 November 2012

This edition of The Roadhouse features new ways to look at the blues. Big Time Sarah, Altered Five, Dennis Gruenling, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, and Deb Callahan will light up your blues synapses and create some new neural pathways. It’s another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard – the 403rd Roadhouse.

The Roadhouse 402
Posted in Headline, Shows on 10 November 2012

The 402th edition of The Roadhouse lends itself well to high volume. Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones, Junior Kimbrough, Rick Holmstrom, Eric Bibb, and Alvin Lee make up a big chunk of the show, but there’s plenty of great blues in between those artists. Sit back, throw your feet up, crank up the headphones, […]

The Roadhouse 401
Posted in Headline, Shows on 3 November 2012

This edition is a great mix of blues, with show debuts from three artists, some blues rock, a little classic blues, and surely something that will hit your tastes. Featuring Omar & The Howlers, Black Country Communion, Son House, Gary Clark Jr, and Robert Cray Band, the 401st Roadhouse is, as always, another hour of […]