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The Roadhouse 476

12 April 2014 132,494 views 4 Comments

New music fills the hour, much of which has yet to be released. Bob Corritore, Albert Castiglia, Angie Palmer, The Robert Cray Band, and Shane Dwight take the spotlight. And all the pieces fit together perfectly to deliver another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard – the 476th Roadhouse.

The Roadhouse Podcast 476 Show Notes

Terry Hanck
Right Now Is The Hour
Delta Groove
Gotta Bring It On Home To You

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey
Going Back Home
Hip-O Records
Going Back Home
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Bob Corritore
Harmonica Watusi
Delta Groove
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

The Bluesmasters
Big Boss Man
Direct Music Distribution
The Bluesmasters Live!
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Albert Castiglia
Keep You Around Too Long
Solid Ground
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Tangled Eye
Stranded American
Black and Tan
Dream Wall
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Angie Palmer
Poor Johnny
Akrasia Records
Old Sticks To Scare A Bird
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

The Robert Cray Band
Your Good Thing Is About To End
Mascot Records
In My Soul
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
J&R Adventures
Live In Amsterdam
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

The Holmes Brothers
You’ve Got To Lose
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Joe Louis Walker *
Soul City
Hornet’s Nest
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

Shane Dwight
Devil’s Noose
Eclecto Groove
This House
Amazon mp3

Eden Brent
Leave Me Alone
Yellow Dog
Ain’t Got No Troubles

Mark Hummel
I Got To Find My Baby
Mountain Top Productions
Harmonica Party
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Music Bed:
Jack McDuff
Amazon mp3 | iTunes

* The Roadhouse Premium, Deluxe and App only.


  • Eddy Kapty said:

    Good Afternoon Tony Well it appears that winter is has all but blown itself out again for another time Seasons Change but The Blues Are Forever which is so very true I’ve learned that proverb from hearing those words while listening to”The Finest” “Blues I’ve never heard” I’m from Edmonton Alberta Canada&we absolutely ahore love your Podcasts my friends&I have all been Blues Music Lovers from aproximately 1960&over the years have became more fond of Blues Music anyways I just thought that I’d send this note to you&tell you how very much we enjoy your podcasts up here in Edmonton Alberta Canada&ask if you’ve ever heard of our city

  • Tony (author) said:

    Thanks, Eddy. I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for listening and helping keep the blues alive.

  • Kyryll said:

    I am listening to your stuff at home, work, and other places I can. Have a sincere appreciation for what you do and more-so how you do it. It is on topic, concise, interesting, well chosen and I hope enjoyable for you and will last for years to come. Thank you greatly, keep the Blues alive.

  • Blues Guitar Expert said:

    Hello Tony,

    There seems to be too few who put enough dedication to the Blues and do what you do. However I begin to observe a shift towards resurrection. It was never dead, but a full scale resurrection where more popular festivals are paying dues to the Blues.

    I truly hope that you, among others who do so much good, will see an increase of savvy audience who would value the material provided, or new ones who would be thirsty for more.

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