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The Roadhouse 591
Posted in Headline, Shows on 25 June 2016

As always, a big hour ahead in this edition of The Roadhouse. It’ll probably get your heart rate going a bit as it’s pretty much all upbeat, uptempo, outstanding blues. Sammy Eubanks, The Kentucky Headhunters, Mark May & The Soul Satyr Horns, Alabama 3, and Big Pete get the headliner slots, but the other tracks […]

The Roadhouse 590
Posted in Headline, Shows on 18 June 2016

This hour of The Roadhouse has a long set of live music and another trip in the Wayback MAchine of blues history. Rivherside, Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, The Nick Schnebelen Band, The Rev. Gary Davis, and Michael “Iron Man” Burks. It is an hour of thoroughly enjoyable blues and definitely another hour of the […]

The Roadhouse 589
Posted in Headline, Shows on 11 June 2016

We’re spanning the globe in this edition of The Roadhouse, with blues from Texas, Louisiana, England, Romania, Serbia, and more. Greg Izor & The Box Kickers, Markey Blue, Mick Taylor, AG Weinberger, and Ana Popovic take center stage. But, it doesn’t really matter where the music’s from. You know, regardless of origin, it’ll be another […]

The Roadhouse 588
Posted in Headline, Shows on 4 June 2016

In this hour of The Roadhouse, I’ve got some blues that have crossed over from country, a band that was in some of the very early editions of The Roadhouse, and an artist who first came to fame on the classic Stax label. Along the way, I’ve got Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues, […]