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The Roadhouse 703
Posted in Headline, Shows on 25 August 2018

A puzzle – that’s the spirit of the hour in The Roadhouse. And all the pieces fit together just fine. Bob Corritore, Danielle Nicole, Eric Lindell, Luke Winslow-King, and the Bruce Katz Band mesh in a way that makes perfect sense in the framework of an hour. I can say with confidence that it’s another […]

The Roadhouse 702
Posted in Headline, Shows on 18 August 2018

Aretha Franklin gets the show-opener this week with a track that’s mighty close to blues. As for the rest of the hour – it’s filled with brand new music that will have you admiring the state of blues today. Aki Kumar, Alastair Greene, Cedric Burnside, Nakia, and Eugene Hideaway Bridges get the featured slots along […]

The Roadhouse 701
Posted in Headline, Shows on 11 August 2018

This hour might just define “blues crazy.” Cash Box Kings, Mike Zito, Elvin Bishop, Carey Bell, and The 44s help to lay down a groove like few we’ve had in the 700 hours before. I could paint it a whole bunch of different ways, but it comes down to this – this hour is fun. […]

The Roadhouse 700
Posted in Headline, Shows on 4 August 2018

This week we note 700 shows, 700 hours and roughly 9100 tracks. It does seem just a little ways from 2005. But we do roll on with an hour of great new blues, including Sister Mercy, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, Bruce Katz Band, and one for my fellow blues presenter Dave Raven. It’s the 700th […]