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Blues Links for 2006-07-24
Posted in Blues Links on 24 July 2006

Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop Radio Broadcast Radio workshops by guitarist Stefan Grossman from the 1970s and 1980s. (tags: blues guitar instruction) Sista Monica Blues singer nominated for “Best Soul Blues Female Artist” for the 2006 Blues Music Awards. (tags: blues artists)

Blues Links for 2006-07-22
Posted in Blues Links on 22 July 2006

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Wikipedia (tags: blues artists) Honey, Where You Been So Long? A lovingly-crafted blues blog rich with pre-war blues history. (tags: blues blogs) Corky Siegel’s Planet Web home of Corky Siegel, harmonicist extrordinaire and founding member of Siegel-Schwall Band. (tags: blues artists) Sampson Pittman – “Joe Louis” From the “Honey, Where […]

Blues Links for 2006-07-21
Posted in Blues Links on 21 July 2006

Killing Floor Blues (tags: blues blogs) Chris Whitley 1960 – 2005 (tags: blues music rock) Blues in London (tags: blues music) The 11th Annual Telestra Great Southern Blues and Rockabillity Festival (tags: blues festivals) The Kelly Richey Band: Speechless (tags: blues music artists) Honey, Where You Been So Long? (tags: blues blogs) Wanna√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ Learn Some […]