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The Roadhouse 712
Posted in Headline, Shows on 27 October 2018

After a week of chair-dancing, we’re back to a huge variety of new blues in The Roadhouse. I’ve got quite a few female artists, some uptempo blues, an interesting minimalist set, and a track from the late Tony Joe White. I’ve also got Anthony Geraci, Dana Fuchs, Eric Bibb, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, […]

The Roadhouse 711
Posted in Headline, Shows on 20 October 2018

Rather than focusing on new releases this week, I’ve focused on making this another “chair-dancing” edition. Kid Ramos, Kai Strauss, Sean Costello, Andy Santana, and Janiva Magness give you reason to move around. You might do that in your chair, you might grab someone close, you might get up and dance by yourself, but I […]

The Roadhouse 710
Posted in Headline, Shows on 13 October 2018

There’s a big mix of stuff in this hour. I’ve got some great Chicago blues artists, some next generation blues rock, electric, acoustic – maybe just a full sense of blues today. Otis Rush, Sari Schorr, Seasick Steve, Eric Bibb, and Ben Poole. We can circle around it any way we want. What it comes […]

The Roadhouse 709
Posted in Headline, Shows on 6 October 2018

The rain around The Roadhouse Studios brings a little quieter tone, despite a riotous opening track. Jim Allchin, Boz Scaggs, Aki Kumar, Maria Muldaur, and Mike Morgan & The Crawl lead the way. It’s kind of hard to put a finger on a theme. But, regardless of the tone and mood, I know you’re going […]

The Roadhouse 708
Posted in Headline, Shows on 29 September 2018

In this hour, I’ve got a variety of musical styles, a variety of tempos, even a variety of instrumentation. There’s a good chance it’ll make you quit paying attention to what’s going on around you. With Ana Popovic, Otis Grand, John Oates, Larkin Poe, and Mark Hummel, you know there’s something that will pull you […]

The Roadhouse 707
Posted in Headline, Shows on 22 September 2018

This hour of The Roadhouse features mostly upbeat blues. I also have a lot of outstanding guitar and a couple of songs with strong messages. Fred Chapellier & The Gents feat Dale Blade, Bruce Katz Band, Tom Hambridge, John Clifton, Big George Jackson take the lead. For all the variety, the important thing to remember […]

The Roadhouse 706
Posted in Headline, Shows on 15 September 2018

It’s another hour in The Roadhouse. Along with a big bunch of contemporary artists, I’ve got a 4-track set of more traditional post-war blues, and a closing set that’s three-quarters female. Most importantly, though, this is yet another hour of the finest blues you’ve never heard – the 706th Roadhouse.

The Roadhouse 705
Posted in Headline, Shows on 8 September 2018

We’re past Labor Day in the US and into unofficial fall – into the last third of 2018. And, once again, the vast majority of the music in this hour is from 2018. Trudy Lynn, Corey Dennison & Gerry Hundt, Bettye LaVette, Anthony Geraci, and The Nick Moss Band featuring Dennis Gruenling move us just […]

The Roadhouse 704
Posted in Headline, Shows on 1 September 2018

Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio, Howlin’ Wolf, Aki Kumar, Mark Wenner’s Blues Warriors, and Rod Piazza get the featured slots in this hour of The Roadhouse. Most of the music is from Chicago or the West Coast, there’s quite a bit of harp, and even a few more instrumentals than usual. It all adds up, […]

The Roadhouse 703
Posted in Headline, Shows on 25 August 2018

A puzzle – that’s the spirit of the hour in The Roadhouse. And all the pieces fit together just fine. Bob Corritore, Danielle Nicole, Eric Lindell, Luke Winslow-King, and the Bruce Katz Band mesh in a way that makes perfect sense in the framework of an hour. I can say with confidence that it’s another […]

The Roadhouse 702
Posted in Headline, Shows on 18 August 2018

Aretha Franklin gets the show-opener this week with a track that’s mighty close to blues. As for the rest of the hour – it’s filled with brand new music that will have you admiring the state of blues today. Aki Kumar, Alastair Greene, Cedric Burnside, Nakia, and Eugene Hideaway Bridges get the featured slots along […]

The Roadhouse 701
Posted in Headline, Shows on 11 August 2018

This hour might just define “blues crazy.” Cash Box Kings, Mike Zito, Elvin Bishop, Carey Bell, and The 44s help to lay down a groove like few we’ve had in the 700 hours before. I could paint it a whole bunch of different ways, but it comes down to this – this hour is fun. […]

The Roadhouse 700
Posted in Headline, Shows on 4 August 2018

This week we note 700 shows, 700 hours and roughly 9100 tracks. It does seem just a little ways from 2005. But we do roll on with an hour of great new blues, including Sister Mercy, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, Bruce Katz Band, and one for my fellow blues presenter Dave Raven. It’s the 700th […]

The Roadhouse 699
Posted in Headline, Shows on 28 July 2018

As we roll from July into August, I roll out almost a full hour of new releases. Piper-Hopkins Band, Vanja Sky, Shemekia Copeland, Gina Sicilia, and Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones round things out this week. The selection is eclectic. In fact, it’s an hour of eclectricity and definitely another hour of the finest blues […]

The Roadhouse 698
Posted in Headline, Shows on 21 July 2018

This week’s edition of The Roadhouse is a Roadhouse Rewind from 2013. I’ll be back next week with a new edition. This edition of The Roadhouse is hotter than July, chock full of artists who will keep the temperature high. King King, Greg Nagy, Gina Sicilia, Eddie Taylor, and Kara Grainger shimmer in the heat […]

The Roadhouse 697
Posted in Headline, Shows on 14 July 2018

I’m glad to be with you for another hour, another week, deep into year fourteen of The Roadhouse. This week, I’ve got Johnny Sansone, Victor Wainwright & The Train, Rory Block, Brooks Williams, and The Bruce Katz Band. I’ve got a little chit-chat in between. And, I’ve got a little shelter from a rainy Saturday […]

The Roadhouse 696
Posted in Headline, Shows on 7 July 2018

For the 696th week, I’ll mix up new blues and old to go with the mix of new and old listeners. That includes Dave Hole, Carey Bell, Crystal Shawanda, JP Soars, and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. New or old, listener or track – I don’t think it really makes a difference because, as always, the […]

The Roadhouse 695
Posted in Headline, Shows on 30 June 2018

Right now is the hour to sit back, crank it up, and just let the blues wash over you. I’ve got Little Freddie King, Blind Willie McTell, Fantastic Negrito, Original Chicago Blues Allstars, and Duke Robillard ahead. I’m going young and old in consecutive sets to explore where we’ve been and where we’re going – […]

The Roadhouse 694
Posted in Headline, Shows on 23 June 2018

I’ve got a lot of fun stuff in this hour, including John Clifton, Wily Bo Walker, Watermelon Slim, Little Boys Blue, and Roy Buchanan. I’m sure you won’t fint anything in this edition to be so different than the norm for the last 13+ years. And, that’s a good thing because, just like every week, […]

The Roadhouse 693
Posted in Headline, Shows on 16 June 2018

I’m excited about this edition of The Roadhouse because the puzzle pieces all fit together so well. Tom Hambridge, Tas Cru, Bryce Janey, Jeff Jensen, and Etta Britt will blow you away with great blues. Blow you away, that is, with the finest blues you’ve never heard – the 693rd Roadhouse.