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Double the intro fun
Posted in Odds And Ends on 28 June 2010

Though you may not know it, The Roadhouse is available in four versions: regular, premium, deluxe, and radio. Each is a little bit different than the others. Because of those small differences, it’s actually easier to record the voiceovers separately than to do the show “live.” And, it offers me the opportuntunity to listen through […]

Festival Quote
Posted in Odds And Ends on 3 July 2009

“Red beans and rice bowl, please.” “Mild or spicy?” “Spicy, please. Is it deadly spicy?” “No, sir. I don’t kill no one. They got time to drag you down to the river if it’s too hot.” Blues food, indeed.

Touch base here
Posted in Blues Musicians, Odds And Ends on 30 June 2009

Throughout the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival (7/2 – 7/4), I’ll be posting regularly here on the site. I’ll also be posting real-time updates to Twitter and pictures to Flickr. Daily updates, show summaries and raw interview audio will be posted here. Touch base regularly to follow live blues.

Odetta Passes
Posted in Odds And Ends on 3 December 2008

From the New York Times: Her voice was an accompaniment to the black-and-white images of the freedom marchers who walked the roads of Alabama and Mississippi and the boulevards of Washington in the quest to end racial discrimination. Rosa Parks, the woman who started the boycott of segregated buses in Montgomery, Ala., was once asked […]

Complete Collection
Posted in Odds And Ends on 6 August 2008

As noted in the comments on the earlier post about the site index, there was a problem with my archived copy of Roadhouse 012. Thanks to Roadhouse listener Michael, that issue has been resolved. He kindly provided me with his own archived copy of the show this morning, and it’s now available from the show […]

Upgrading the Archives
Posted in Odds And Ends on 28 July 2008

Following several listener requests for the older shows, I spent some time on Sunday updating the archives. I created a new page with download links to the shows, going all the way back to Roadhouse 001. This is the first time they’ve all been available on a single page. The link is also available in […]

Thursday Evening Blues, Pt. 1
Posted in Odds And Ends on 3 July 2008

I’m deep into the first night of the IH Mississippi Valley Blues Festival. The weather, while warm and humid, is actually pretty pleasant. I just watched a strong set from the Kilborn Alley Blues Band. From Champaign, IL, they focus heavily on gritty Chicago blues. A good set, all the way around. I also popped […]

23 Visionaries
Posted in Odds And Ends on 27 June 2008

I’m glad to welcome another visionary blues label to The Roadhouse: legendary Chicago label Delmark. Delmark has been the home of many of the Chicago blues greats over the years. And, at one time, had one employee – Bruce Iglauer, who went on to start Alligator. The addition of Delmark opens a deep catalog for […]

Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
Posted in Featured, Odds And Ends on 16 June 2008

The Mississippi Valley Blues Festival will be held July 3-5, with a great lineup.

All in the family
Posted in Odds And Ends on 5 May 2008

Anton, The Roadhouse’s “man behind the curtain” for the Premium and Deluxe editions, is a featured GeekDad in today’s online Wired. Cape Day 2008 in Dallas. See — the reach of The Roadhouse is far and wide!

Roadhouse Swag
Posted in Odds And Ends on 18 February 2008

I’ve updated The Roadhouse Store to better display the nice selection of Roadhouse Swag available at CafePress. Show your inimitable tastes in music, podcasts and clothing by making a purchase from The Roadhouse Store in the far right tab above.

Blues and Scales – Online Guitar Lesson Video Sample
Posted in Odds And Ends on 6 February 2008

(Via Brad will give you a bit of background and information on the blues, then jump right in by teaching you the 12 bar blues, 8 bar blues, the blues shuffle as well as the first position in the Blues scale. After that is done he will cover some chord and scal  bookmark this on – […]

AllMusic: Leadbelly Overview
Posted in Odds And Ends on 21 November 2007

(Via Tag: blues.) This site mostly provides the musical career of Lead Belly and how it has influenced many American style musicians in the years after his death. It gives a small biographical overview, but it mostly informs about the music of the legend. It also gives you