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The Roadhouse 609
Posted in Headline, Shows on 29 October 2016

This edition of The Roadhouse is a pretty diverse hour. I’ve got straight-up blues, a rootsy set, and a set of classic Chess recordings to celebrate Leonard Chess. I’ve also got a couple of interesting bluesy, soulful covers for you. With the Chess set, it’s definitely music you’ve heard, so let’s just say this hour […]

The Roadhouse 608
Posted in Headline, Shows on 22 October 2016

I’ve got another broad hour of blues with a pretty big variety of styles. There’s some contemporary blues, a little blues rock, an acoustic set, and a set of soul blues that’ll definitely have you moving. Gary Hoey, Fiona Boyes, Bobby Rush, Wee Willie Walker, and The David Bromberg Band all help to take us […]

The Roadhouse 607
Posted in Headline, Shows on 15 October 2016

In this hour of The Roadhouse, I bounce back and forth between two real hot spots of blues: Chicago and San Francisco. I’ve got a lot of artists that you’ve heard of, but at least a couple who are new to the show. Frank Bang & The Cook County Kings, Rod Piazza & The Mighty […]

The Roadhouse 606
Posted in Headline, Shows on 8 October 2016

This is another hour of The Roadhouse that just doesn’t slow down. And, it’s a little heavier than usual with some great female blues artists, to boot. Jai Malano, Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps, JJ Thames, Robert “Lefty Preacher” Sampson, and Aynsley Lister are all ahead in this hour. Amazing female voices in what […]

The Roadhouse 605
Posted in Headline, Shows on 1 October 2016

Over the course of 13 or 14 tracks, this hour of The Roadhouse get focused with a set of blues from the 1970s and another of great soul blues. Dr. John, Son Seals, Bobby Rush, Junior Parker, and Tommy Castro help round out the hour. The hour will absolutely have you moving. It’s an hour […]

The Roadhouse 604
Posted in Headline, Shows on 24 September 2016

Once again, I’ve got a pretty big variety of blues, fitting together a bunch of puzzle pieces to shape a coherent picture. Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials, The Della Grants, Hitman Blues Band, Bruce Katz Band (Featuring Chris Vitarello), and Devon Allman are among the old and new names. It’s a variety of blues […]

The Roadhouse 603
Posted in Headline, Shows on 17 September 2016

There’s a deeper groove in this hour of The Roadhouse – something musicians call “in the pocket.” Big Head Blues Club, Bobby Rush, Robert Cray, Vaneese Thomas, and Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch fill the bill. While I usually slam you with up-tempo blues, it’s good to have a little change of pace once in […]

The Roadhouse 602
Posted in Headline, Shows on 10 September 2016

While I work my way to Michigan to run a race on September 11, I’ve got a Roadhouse Rewind in the queue. From ten years ago, Roadhouse 81 is a pretty nostalgic look back. I’ll be back next week with a new edition of The Roadhouse. It’s the Labor Day Weekend in the US. In […]

The Roadhouse 601
Posted in Headline, Shows on 3 September 2016

I’m feeling great about the hour ahead and so will you. I’ve got a couple keyboard-focused tracks, a bit of harp, some killer guitar, and vocals strong enough to knock you down. Daddy Mack Blues Band, The Juke Joint Rockers with Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Toronzo Cannon, Little Milton with Gov’t Mule, and Annika Chambers […]

The Roadhouse 600
Posted in Headline, Shows on 27 August 2016

There’s blues enough to get you going in this edition of The Roadhouse. I’ve got The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Sammy Kershaw, Luther Dickinson, The Record Company, and Laith Al-Saadi. That’s just the start – there are plenty of other great blues tracks to propel us through the hour. And, it’s another hour, I might add, of […]

The Roadhouse 599
Posted in Headline, Shows on 20 August 2016

The story of this edition of The Roadhouse is that I’m going to fulfill my favorite plan as your host in our little dive to make the hour as upbeat as possible. This one should fulfill your weekly cardio requirements. Corey Dennison Band, Vaneese Thomas, Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges, Andra Faye & Scott Ballantine, and Hard […]

The Roadhouse 598
Posted in Headline, Shows on 13 August 2016

It’s tough to classify the variety of blues in this hour of The Roadhouse, so I’ll just stay out of the way of putting your own frame around it. Alabama Mike, Terrie Odabi, Rose City Kings, Dave Muskett, and Ann Rabson – if you’re familiar with those artists, that tells you everything you need to […]

The Roadhouse 597
Posted in Headline, Shows on 6 August 2016

The single word to describe this hour of The Roadhouse is “debut.” I’ve got five artists in the hour who are making their Roadhouse debuts. And, it was extremely difficult to pull together the playlist because there were multiple tracks from those debut artists that I’d loved to have dropped in the show. Colin James, […]

The Roadhouse 595
Posted in Headline, Shows on 23 July 2016

What lies ahead in this hour of The Roadhouse? I’ve got a couple of sets of classic blues artists – one that nearly spans the country from west to east, and one that’s dedicated to some of the great female voices in the blues. The Rides, Jimmy Rogers, Big Maybelle, Big Mama Thornton, and Charley […]

The Roadhouse 594
Posted in Headline, Shows on 16 July 2016

I’ve got a full hour ahead, with a next generation set and a set of gospel blues centered around The Staples. It’s all mixed in with a bigger variety of blues. Jeremiah Johnson Band, Gary Clark, Jr, Jarekus Singleton, Mavis Staples, and The Nick Schnebelen Band all contribute to what I think will be another […]

The Roadhouse 593
Posted in Headline, Shows on 9 July 2016

In this hour, I’ve got lots of horns, lots of walking bass and probably a little more harp than usual. If the music’s not rollin’, it’s tumblin’. Mitch Woods, Kilborn Alley, Anthony Geraci & The Boston Blues All-Stars, Roomful of Blues, and Terry Hanck – all just a slice of the craziness ahead. If this […]

The Roadhouse 592
Posted in Headline, Shows on 2 July 2016

The bandstand’s set, the lights are dimmed, the sawdust is on the dance floor, and we’re ready to take you away from the cares of the world for awhile. It’s gonna take some help to do that. Fortunately, Lucky Peterson, Mike Eldred Trio, Jim Suhler & Monkeybeat, Katy Guillen & The Girls, and Laura Rain […]

The Roadhouse 591
Posted in Headline, Shows on 25 June 2016

As always, a big hour ahead in this edition of The Roadhouse. It’ll probably get your heart rate going a bit as it’s pretty much all upbeat, uptempo, outstanding blues. Sammy Eubanks, The Kentucky Headhunters, Mark May & The Soul Satyr Horns, Alabama 3, and Big Pete get the headliner slots, but the other tracks […]

The Roadhouse 590
Posted in Headline, Shows on 18 June 2016

This hour of The Roadhouse has a long set of live music and another trip in the Wayback MAchine of blues history. Rivherside, Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, The Nick Schnebelen Band, The Rev. Gary Davis, and Michael “Iron Man” Burks. It is an hour of thoroughly enjoyable blues and definitely another hour of the […]

The Roadhouse 589
Posted in Headline, Shows on 11 June 2016

We’re spanning the globe in this edition of The Roadhouse, with blues from Texas, Louisiana, England, Romania, Serbia, and more. Greg Izor & The Box Kickers, Markey Blue, Mick Taylor, AG Weinberger, and Ana Popovic take center stage. But, it doesn’t really matter where the music’s from. You know, regardless of origin, it’ll be another […]